Maintenance Kits, Fusers & Repair Kits

How to repair your HP laser printer
How to fix a paper jam in your laser printer
Do you have a printer error message or error codes ?
We are here to help you repair your printer with out the extra cost of callng an engineer to site. We can supply you with parts and instructions on how to repair your printer.

Our do it yourself printer repair kits are listed below along with the issues they can solve.

Paper Jam Repair Kit - Will stop paper jams, paper pickup problems and multiple paper feeds.

Maintenance Roller Kit - Same as above but also includes a transfer roller which can solve some image problems.

Fuser unit - Will repair poor print quality, smearing toner, ghosting / double image, Streaking / lines and paper jams in the fuser
Fuser film sleeves - A cheaper option to buying a complete fuser unit. You can replace your old and worn fuser film and save money. We can also supply you with a guide to fitting the fuser film. If your printer has a fuser error code then you may need more than just a fuser film as the heater element may need replacing.

Maintenance Kit - Will repair all of the above

Other parts and assemblies may sometimes be required to correct less-common faults

Please type your printers model number in the search bar for items in stock
example type "4250" for Laserjet 4250

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