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Paper Jam Repair Kits (Feed Kits)

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Any manufacturer Brother , Samsung, HP etc

How to fix a paper jam in a printer
Paper pick up problems? Paper jam error codes ? Need pick up rollers and separation pads This convenient do it yourself paper jam repair kit with fitting instructions is the answer.

How to remove a paper jam
1. Open the toner door or the rear door then close it again, the printer will now do a self test and sometimes it will clear the jammed paper from the paper path.
2. If the error is still occurring you need to remove any remaining paper. Check all the following :
         All paper trays 
         Toner area  
         Rear door / fuser unit ( warning this area will be hot) 
If you can see the paper, gentle pull it out in the same direction its heading. Look for any bits of paper which may have torn off. Note : Pulling the paper out with no care will cause damage to the printer.
3. Look for an objects that could have fallen inside the printer like paper clips, staples etc
4. Replace the toner and close all doors and paper trays.
5. The print job may start printing again if not resend the print job.

if you are still experience problems then it is more than likely that you need a paper jam repair kits with fitting instructions which contains pickup rollers and separation pads.
We have selected parts that are as easy to fit also providing fitting instruction were possible.